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fabe Services

  • Analysis of synergies, revenue enhancements and cost structures
  • Detailed Pro Forma model including:
    • Financial Assumptions
    • Income Statement
    • Cash Flow Statement
    • Balance sheet
    • Stub period calculations
    • Multiple scenario analysis
    • Stock option calculations
    • Accretion/Dilution analysis

Mergers & Acquisitions:

Acquisition Process

Each client’s relationship is appraised, ranked and shown in easy to view color coded format. A complete business valuation is displayed as a weighted aggregation of each relationship and presented in quintile ranked categories.

Assessment of transition risk and future growth potential are critical for business budgeting and operational planning.

Qualitative Data

fabe provides an accurate overview of an enterprise’s business structure, ownership, staff, lease obligations,  employee obligations and contractual commitments.

fabe‘s unique question sequencing, voice interaction, and scoring algorithms enable users to gather critical data on advisor/client relationships.

Quantitative Data

fabe‘s technology implements more than a dozen profitability, productivity and client ratios of similar size  firms for comparative analysis, in conjunction with Income Statement, Balance Sheet, and Cash Flow  analysis. Non-reoccurring income and expense adjustments are made for valuation accuracy.

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