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fabe provides enlightening and specific information that enables Full-Service firms to make informed financial decisions.

fabe empowers Advisors with business clarity to successfully transition their business by attaining an in-depth understanding of existing client relationships for possible future opportunities.

fabe’s technology features a proprietary coding protocol that guarantees full anonymity, ensuring that both prospective advisor recruits and their clients remain unidentified. Specific client information is replaced with general ranges for Top 20% of Advisors business.

Each client relationship is appraised, ranked and shown in easy to view color coded format. Complete business valuation is displayed as a weighted aggregation of each relationship and presented in quintile ranked categories.

Assessment of transition risk and future growth potential are critical for business budgeting and operational  planning.

“The fabe System” features 50 Private Client questions and 25 Corporate Client questions encompassed within one or more of the “Seven Categories”.

Five of the Seven Categories are scored for significance and relevancy, while two categories contain questions conceived to provide business insight, such as Advisor Responses of Interest “ROI” and Responses for Attention “RFA”.

Qualitative Data

fabe’s innovative valuation technology implements interactive voice response, appropriate weightings, unique question categories and sequencing process that empower appraisers to review large amounts of data in dashboard format without compromising confidentiality.

Quantitative Data  

Scored and displayed in five distinct categories:

  • Depth of Relationship
  • Depth of Financial Advice
  • Service and Communication
  • Transition Risk
  • Special Service Risk

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