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For Independent Advisors preparing to purchase another practice, fabe serves as a Last Step Inspection prior to closing.

Our technology empowers buyers with a comprehensive overview of an Advisory or brokerage practice that includes:

  • Qualitative review of business strengths, weaknesses, hidden value, growth potential and transition risk.
  • Review and scoring of Top 20% Client Relationships
  • Quintile ranking of valuable relationships in 7 critical categories
  • “Art” and “Science” of valuation combining qualitative and quantitative processes.
  • List of Responses For Attention (RFA) and Responses Of Interest (ROI)

Each client’s relationship is appraised, ranked and shown in easy to view color coded format. Complete business valuation is displayed as a weighted aggregation of each relationship and presented in quintile ranked categories.

Assessment of transition risk and future growth potential are critical for business budgeting and operational  planning.

Business Succession

  • Highly intuitive and easy to review customized  ”Operating Dashboard” displaying vital  business metrics.
  • Dashboard Metrics are shown in Confidential Information Memorandum data package.
  • Individual client’s relationships analyzed by using 7 key metrics presented in color coded format available for inclusion in the CIM.
  • Standard metric and market valuation for entire business highlighting key relationships.
  • Enable advisors to extract maximum value from the sale of their businesses by demonstrating:
    • Additional value not yet captured in business metrics
    • True quality of top household  relationships not yet reflected in business metrics.
  • fabe conducts unbiased quantitative and qualitative valuations beneficial to all parties.
  • Successor advisors obtain years of qualitative data on each client relationship, avoiding client service disruption.
  • Successor Advisors are able to provide coaching consultants a thorough view of the business, which contributes to expediting the coaching process.
  • Sellers can be confident their successor advisor has all the necessary information to guide and care for business clients and their families. 

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