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Our technology empowers financial advisors with high-value data for smart business decisions.

Advisors in transition are provided an organized and comprehensive view of each client relationship.

Household relationships are presented in a qualitative and quantitative format using commonly accepted best practices categories.

fabe offers advisors an organized approach to quantify and view the relationship transition risk associated with a business purchase, sale, or change of firms.

Advisor Business Profiling

  • Production LOS
  • Current Firm
  • Professional Designations
  • Licenses obtained
  • Insurance licensed
  • Outstanding loans
  • Agreements
  • Outstanding client complaints
  • Assets
  • Multiple years of gross fees and commissions
  • Mutual funds utilized
  • SMA Managers utilized
  • Insurance companies utilized
  • Household details
  • Business asset allocation

Relationship Evaluation

We provide Financial Advisors with comprehensive business evaluations that offer valuable insight on Top-tier client relationships. Our proprietary technology measures and evaluates the true value of client relationships, empowering advisors with actionable business data to make high-confidence, informed business decisions.

fabe ranks and scores critical aspects of “Each and Every Client Relationship” creating appropriate weighted scores based on client specific metrics. An Advisor’s top 20% client relationships are meticulously analyzed to provide an in-depth view of the business.

  • Depth of Client Relationships
  • Depth of Financial Advice
  • Transition Risk
  • Service and Communication
  • Special Services Risk

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